The Great Indian Railway Atlas 3rd Edition


A detailed series of maps of one of the world’s largest railway systems, with accurate track alignments, up-to-date information on track status, facilities, etc.

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The Atlas, popular with railfans, travellers and map-lovers alike in India and abroad is now in it’s third edition (released October 2015), completely redrawn and revised. This Atlas has been conceived and painstakingly created by Samit Roychoudhury, a design professional and railfan.

Inside, you will find

  • 94 pages of full colour maps, of 1 : 1,000,000 scale, referenced by a locator map.
  • Accurate alignments and locations.
  • Approximately 12,000 locations, including existing and closed stations, sidings, control locations etc indexed and with their respective station codes. Divisional and zonal headquarters identified.
  • Almost every closed line and station depicted.
  • A majority of sidings and industrial lines indicated.
  • Tracks show gauge, whether single or double, electrification, etc. Metre and Narrow gauge in a separate colour for easy differentiation. Divisional jurisdiction shown using markings.
  • Most works in progress including new lines, gauge conversions, electrification, including those under survey, etc.
  • All Facilities such as Locomotive Sheds (electric, diesel and steam), EMU/DMU car-sheds, important Freight Yards, Goods Sheds, Container Terminals, Accident Relief Train locations marked.
  • With approx. 23 detailed inset maps (mostly 5x scale) of complex areas.
  • With 9 inset maps of the cities with Metro systems.
  • Separate Narrow Gauge Map of Bengal.
  • Glossary of name/spelling changes.
  • Single spread At-a-Glance Map of entire system, showing the jurisdiction of the various zones. This page also contains a submap showing the extent of electric traction on the Indian Railways.
  • Railfan’s Map which has all locations with Railway Museums, Galleries, Heritage Parks, Railway locations under the UNESCO Word Heritage Site, as well as plinthed and preserved locomotives.
  • Dedicated Freight Corridor Alignment marked.


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