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  • The Great Indian Railway Atlas
  The Great Indian Railway Atlas


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  A detailed series of maps of one of the world's largest railway networks, with accurate track alignments, providing up-to-date information on the tracks, stations, yards, etc.

The Atlas, popular with railfans, travellers and map-lovers alike in India and abroad is now in it's second edition, completely redrawn and revised.

This Atlas has been conceived and painstakingly created in its entirety by Samit Roychoudhury, a design professional and railfan.

With forewords by:
Mr David Barrie, Chairman, DHRS
Mr V Anand, ex-GM, SR
Mr Satish Pai, IRFCA

Inside, you will find:
72 pages of full colour maps, of 1 : 1,500,000 scale, referenced by a locator map.
Accurate alignments and locations.
Approximately 11,000 locations, including existing and closed stations, sidings, control points etc indexed and with their respective station codes. Divisional and zonal headquarters identified.
Most closed lines and stations depicted.
A majority of sidings and industrial lines shown.
Tracks show gauge, whether single or double, electrification, etc, colour coded according to the divisions they fall under.
Most works in progress including new lines, gauge conversions, electrification, including those under survey, etc.
All loco sheds (electric, diesel and steam), EMU/DMU car-sheds, important freight yards, goods sheds and container terminals marked.
With approx. 30 detailed inset maps (mostly 5x scale) of complex areas.
Multilingual Legend in English, French and German.
Glossary of name/spelling changes.
Single spread At-a-Glance map of entire system, showing the jurisdiction of the various zones.

  What's New over the First Edition:

• Completely updated.
• Highly accurate alignments and locations and corrected junctional directions.
• More detailed indication of rivers and water bodies, roads and airports.
• Most sidings of over 2 kms length marked. Most non-IR tracks shown.
• Full colour printing, where line colour denotes respective division.
• Many more detailed inset maps of complex areas.

by Samit Roychoudhury
1 : 1 500 000 scale
ISBN 81-901457-1-1
India INR 520
UK £ 23.99, US $ 34.99
Shipping & Handling extra

Total pages: 102

Weight: 200 gm

Approx Size:
235 x 178 mm
(9.25" x 7.0")

72 pp of 4 colour maps
Support maps, legend etc.

20 pp index and glossary.

Softbound, laminated cover.

Pages open flat.

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