Highly recommended

This is the 3rd edition published in 2015. The earlier editions were published in 2005 and 2010 and are not available now. This edition is larger in size and much better designed and more informative than the earlier editions. Apart from railway enthusiasts, it is useful for travellers who are interested in the routes which […]

Must buy for a railway fan

I bought this for a friend who is a ferroequinologist (humorous usage). He was very happy with it and explained to me that it was extremely detailed and he had been planning to buy it himself. He said that the author is someone who is consulted by the railways himself so the book is definitely […]

Simply awesome

An unique, detailsome, precise work of map encyclopaedia an enthusiast of Railways and it’s network can wish for. Feeling like an achiever after grabbing a copy of this. This atlas is so fascinating only for its exclusivity. The detailing is processed so systematically that the quest for knowledge generates further more thirst to go through […]